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In 2013 the Victorian government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provided Capacity Initiative Fund support through the ACFE Board for Lalor Living & Learning Centre to invest in developing its capacity in the use of digital technology in the delivery of courses and programs.

The project, Integrating Digital Learning Locally, represented a major investment in the professional development of staff at the Centre. Development of this expertise is a necessary step towards greater delivery of flexible learning, including online learning approaches. It has enabled Lalor Living & Learning Centre to integrate digital learning in learner pathways that develops students’ employability skills and social engagement by boosting competence and confidence in using information technology.
A project worker mentored staff to develop their skills using information technology and in ways to integrate digital learning in their delivery. The first outcome of the project was an improvement in the way curriculum plans and teaching delivery were documented. This made it easier to record teaching resources for future use and supported compliance with regulatory bodies.  The project supported the integration of technology through the whole organisation including non-teaching staff.


  • Digital literacy integrated into accredited and pre-accredited programs
  • Resources documented in a re-usable format in teaching delivery plans
  • Increased staff capacity to integrate digital learning into their teaching
  • Lalor LLC’s capacity to deliver digital learning into the future has increased
  • Students experience greater engagement in their learning
  • Increased opportunity to meet community needs for digital learning pathways that enhance employability and social engagement
  • Increased our online presence through a revamped website, digital and social media
  • Strengthened LLLC’s compliance and administrative capacity
  • Supported planning for IT infrastructure development and ongoing change
  • Further stimulated a culture of innovation and creativity
  • Enhanced business viability of LLLC