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Lalor Living & Learning Centre is proud to have been a key member of the strategic partnership group of the Shape Your Future (SYF) – Thomastown and Lalor project which was funded by the Victorian government.
The key aim of the Shape Your Future project is to improve social, educational and economic outcomes for the Lalor and Thomastown communities through better planning and greater coordination of effort, services and investment.
The initiative aimed to develop and deliver a community engagement and planning framework that would increase participation rates and overall capacity of the Thomastown and Lalor communities, and foster a partnership approach between community members, government and agency stakeholders.
The first phase of the project was initially funded for two years but the project was able to extend until the end of 2013.
The project has achieved a number of significant outcomes including supporting a variety of community initiated projects and events, the Community Infrastructure Needs Analysis, development of the Community Action Plan (contact the City of Whittlesea for further information regarding these documents) and led to the appointment by the City of Whittlesea of a Community Development worker for Lalor and Thomastown. The Community Development worker’s focus will be informed by the Shape Your Future Community Action Plan which clearly articulates the aspirations of these vibrant communities. There were over thirty recommendations in the Community Action Plan which were grouped into five categories:

  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Embracing diversity: belonging & connecting
  • Spaces to gather and share
  • Learning for all ages
  • Pride in our neighbourhood

The Shape Your Future project will continue to be acknowledged through activities and events provided by Lalor Living & Learning Centre and Thomastown Neighbourhood House.

Strategic Partnership Group:
City of Whittlesea, Victorian Government Department of Planning and Community Development, Whittlesea Community Connections, Victorian Government Department of Human Services, Plenty Valley Community Health, Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Lalor Living and Learning Centre, Salvation Army Crossroads, Anglicare Victoria, North East Neighbourhood House Network, Kildonan and RMIT representing Whittlesea Youth Commitment.