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Members and guests attended Lalor Living & Learning Centre’s 29th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 25th October, 2016. We were pleased to report that the organisation continues to deliver programs that meet the needs of our community and is in a sound financial position.

Our special guest was the new Chief Executive Officer of the City of Whittlesea, Mr Michael Wootten. Members were able to ask him questions about his view of the City of Whittlesea after 6 months in the role. Mr Wootten took time to listen to suggestions and to learn more about our suburb and the work of the Lalor Living & Learning Centre. Mr Wootten’s previous role was in the Country Fire Authority so he has lots of experience with community based organisations.

A few weeks after the Annual Meeting, our Manager, Alex Findlay, was able to have a really constructive meeting with the CEO regarding improvements in our French St Hall facilities and our general relationship with the City of Whittlesea.

For membership enquiries please contact Alex or Andrea in the office.