New ideas and new groups!


As we all know, COVID has been a disconnecting time for us all and we all need help to reconnect with our community. So Lalor Living & Learning Centre is here to help us all reconnect. Simple ways we can do that is by joining a group, sharing a skill or interest or volunteering. So that is just what we want to do.

For starters, we want to offer conversational English and story-telling, a knitting group, a painting group for budding artists.  Next we want to find out more about what you might like to learn or share with others. It could be gardening, cooking, a walking group, traditional craft or to learn a language or something completely different.

New Courses starting 31 January 2022: Conversational English: Mondays 1.30 – 3pm; Art group – painting and drawing: Wednesdays 9.30-12; Knitting group: Thursdays 2-3.30pm.

There are a few ways to get involved. Contact us on [email protected] or ring us on 9465 6409, or simply drop in for a chat between 9am and 4pm Monday to Thursday. Meanwhile, complete our survey and tell us what you’d like to join.